How many times are you out on the town and have a Shelley Long moment from Troop Beverly Hills and say, “Shit! I broke a nail.” That has happened far too many times for me.  I now carry a mini nail file in my purse at all times.  We were heading out to a birthday dinner party yesterday and as I was packing up my clutch I thought up this blog idea.  So, I have decided that I would share a peek in my Saturday Night Out clutch.  To give you the essentials that I carry with me on every night out on the town.

one: Bobbi Brown – Blotting Papers

These are a must have in your bag at all times in my opinion.  You leave the house with your makeup looking phenomenal, so don’t let it get shiny!  These little papers are great for absorbing any amount of excess skin oils from your face and keep it looking fantastic.  What I love about the Bobbi Brown product is the small case that you can pop them in which also includes a small mirror.  The mirror comes in handy for blotting your face, checking your lips, or catching that embarrassing piece of food caught in your teeth!

Other blotting paper options worth a try are: Shiseido: here or e.l.f.: here

two: Card Holder

This is my favorite item to throw into a clutch.  A clutch offers you a minimal amount of room so you can’t place your entire wallet into it for the night.  I love the card holder as an option to take its place.  The one I have shown is from Louis Vuitton ($205) and has three slots to hold your I.D., a couple credit or debit cards, and cash as well.  The card holder is a great item to take out on a night on the town.  I even like to use mine when I am running out to the store or making a quick errand instead of carrying my entire handbag.

Other card holder options that I love are: Alice + Olivia: here and H&M: here

three: Notebook and Pen

This probably isn’t a must have for everyone, but I am constantly thinking of new ideas for my blog or Instagram so this has become an everyday essential for me.  I can’t count the number of times I have utilized carrying a pen and paper in my handbag since I started my blog.  It is definitely a hot item for me that I will continue to carry.

four: Car and house keys

Clearly, this needs no real explanation!  If you need one feel free to message me (that’s sarcasm – I’m good at laying that on thick.  You’ll come to find that out about me as we continue our relationship!)

five: Nail File

My mom purchased these little matchbook nail files for me and I can’t live without them since.  Besides being completely adorable, they are my saving grace probably more than five times a week.  I am always breaking a damn nail!  If you don’t have these or something similar – I highly recommend purchasing them.  The tuck easily into any handbag or clutch.  Nail crisis averted!!

six: Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cell phone has got to be the best invention on the planet.  I don’t go anywhere without it.  I think we can probably all attest to that.  I am currently carrying the iPhone 7 Plus in rose gold.  I could go on and on about the color rose gold right now, but that is an obesession for another time and place!  Ugh, seriously love that color.  Okay – back to my original point.  A lot of people will laugh when I pull out my huge iPad of a phone.  I find it to make websites easier to read, the camera takes fantastic pictures (many times it replaces my actual camera), and it has proven to be a great phone for blogging.  😉

seven: Lip Gloss

No lady leaves home with out her favorite lip gloss or lipstick.  I have always been a fan of lipgloss.  I find that it goes on smoother for me and doesn’t crease on my lips.  My favorite lip gloss of the moment is Too Faced Glamour Gloss.  My go to shade is Flirt, which is a great neutral color.  The Glamour Gloss comes in seven shades.  The best kept secret about this gloss is that it Too Faced has added their lip-plumping magic!  I have found that it gives my lips a slight plump – which is always welcome, am I right ladies?!?!?!

eight: Flossers

Flossers are a must in your handbag if you will be eating anything while you are out on the town.  I always carry a few in my makeup case in my everyday handbag.  When I use a clutch I will usually tuck them into a side pocket to keep them out of the way and from touching anything in my bag.  If you have never carried these I recommend you start and once you do I can almost promise that you will never leave home without them.

**Totally random fact – the next time you are at a gas station look at the ground around you, I promise 9 times out of 10 you will see a flosser on the ground.

nine: Q-tips

Okay – I know what you’re thinking, “What the hell do you need q-tips for in you clutch?” I love q-tips for keeping my eye makeup on point when I am out.  Admit it, there have been many times when you’ve walked into the washroom while you were out and about to see makeup smudges under your eyes.  Now, if you had the q-tips I suggest you pack in your purse you wouldn’t have a worry in the world.  I just run a q-tip under the water faucet and  clean up any areas that need it.  Start carrying these – trust me that eye makeup you spent hours perfecting will still look fabulous at 9:00pm or 3:00am.

and finally ten: Hair Ties

I have to have a hair tie with me at all times.  I’m sorry, but if you are out on the town I can’t get behind you wearing one on your wrist.  Let’s try tucking them in your bag in a place you can find them when you need them.  I can’t have you out in your carefully chosen ensemble with a hair tie on your wrist.  I won’t allow it ladies!!! 🙂  I love the clear elastics when I need to pull my hair up – they are a more chic option when you are out on the town for the night.

There is a look into my Saturday Night Out clutch.  I am hoping to do more of these in the future.  I am currently looking for other fashion and/or beauty bloggers that would want to work with me on this. I would love to feature what YOU are carrying in your bag.  Please reach out to me here, by email, Facebook, or Instagram.  I would love to work with you!!!

(The clutch is Rebecca Minkoff – Leo Envelope Cutch.  I love this clutch so much I have mutiple colors.)





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