Valentine’s Day will be here in just about three weeks.  You don’t want to wait too much longer to start hinting to your Valentine about what you have your eyes on!  I have assembled a quick list of my five favorite Valentine gifts that are all under $100!

So, basically this is my hint to my Valentine  – you know my sizes!

one: BaubleBar – Crispin Drop Earring

I know what you are thinking – these aren’t diamonds, Amanda.  I know, I know – but I’m over the traditional flowers, candy, and diamond theme for Valentine’s Day.  I want something different, unexpected, creative.  That’s why I chose these, they are ridiculously cute and unique earrings.  They are sure to add that unexpected pop of color to your ensemble.  I’m in love with the fuchsia color – it is so bright and cheerful.  If pink isn’t your color – gasp! – BaubleBar has these available in an array of color choices.  Anyone you pick will be a true statement piece.  Fabulous price point as well at $48.

two: Rebecca Minkoff – Leo Clutch(Deep Red)

I can’t say enough about this clutch.  I am so in love with the Leo Clutch that I own it in three colors (so far).  If you have read my prior post, “What’s in her bag?” (if you haven’t go read it after you finish here) the Leo Clutch was used.  As you can see from that blog it can fit quite a lot even though it is a clutch.  A feature I like about the Leo is it has card slots sewn into the interior – which allows you to leave the cardholder or wallet at home.  The zipper tooth details along the seam and envelope style make this clutch stand out.  I am really loving this deep red color option.  This clutch, like the Crispin earring  is available in quite a few colors – so don’t worry if red isn’t your bag.

three: adidas – NEO Courtset Sneaker

You can never go wrong with a pair of shoes.  NEVER.  You also can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of shoes.  These adidas are not only the color of a fine red wine, perfect for Valentine’s Day.  They are also comfortable as hell.  I have these shoes in a soft grey – so naturally I need them in all of the colors!  Burgundy is next on my hit list and why I’m including it in my favorite five.  I like this shoe as one of my choices because it is a practical shoe and one that you will get a lot of use out of.  I know when I brainstorm a gift idea I want the person to really use the gift and not wear or use it once and never again.  You won’t be doing that with this shoe.  These shoes are a great price too, only $55 at DSW.

four: Victoria’s Secret – Very Sexy Satin Kimono

You can’t think Valentine’s Day without some lingerie.  I chose this robe as something different, because it is romantic and sexy without being over the top.  Like I said before, there is nothing worse then receiving a gift that you use once and then slip into a drawer or closet for it to never see the light of day again.  This is a robe that can be used everyday.  I have this robe in a very bright pink color that I use all of the time.  I really like the rose color that it is available in now.  The satin makes it special, but it’s a very simple and timeless robe.  It is currently available online for $50.  It also comes in six other colors including red.

five: Henri Bendel – Signature Candle

The Henri Bendel candle is one of my favorite products for the home.  The scent of their candles are always so fresh and clean smelling.  The glass container that holds the candle is very heavy and sturdy.  I never worry about leaving it on my wood furniture without something underneath it.  I like the rose scent for Valentine’s Day.  It takes the best part about flowers and lasts longer then that bouquet would!  Henri Bendel notes that the burn time is 60 hours.  This particular size is $30, or 2/$50 and is available in 24 scents.

Feel free to share this with your Valentine.  You never know, you just might get one of my favorite five as a present this year.  Happy hinting!!



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