I really needed to relax and unwind after today.  I was in Florida for the past four days.  It was nice to little getaway and I enjoyed the sunshine.  I honestly don’t think we have seen it here in Michigan for the entire month of January – seriously.  Well, we we up at 4:00 am today to catch our 7:00am flight back home.  After I got up enough nerve to look at myself in the mirror after we got home, my first thought was AHHHHH!!!  My second thought was my skin needed a little post vacation refresh.  I chose my  Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel.  

I will tell you that this is a quick and easy two-step process that leaves your skin feeling revitalized and refreshed.  What I love is that this peel comes in little packets with both steps together.  It makes it foolproof.

Step 1 is to exfoliate and smooth.  All you have to do is wipe the cloth on your skin until the cloth has lost all of its moisture.  Now I have pretty sensitive skin so I noticed just a slight tingle, nothing major or irritating when applying.  I immediately noticed a smoother appearance to my skin.  It seems to shrink up my pores and erase those fine lines instantly.  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Promise!

After you apply step 1 the directions tell you to allow two minutes and then begin with step 2.  Step 2 is to firm and lift.  As with step 1 you will use the cloth all over you face until the cloth is no longer damp.  After step 2 my face is soft and feels very smooth to the touch.  The overall appearance of my skin is brighter and even toned.

This was only the second time I have used this product since I purchased it.  It was a great product for me to use after my long day of travel and early wake up call!  It made my skin look instantly rejuvenated and fresh.  Something I definitely needed!

I am always trying new beauty and skin products to find that “fountain of youth”.  I’m not sure if it is out there, but this is a product that I will be keeping in my arsenal.  I really like the results after today’s use and imagine my skin will continue to improve with regular use.  This peel is able to be used daily, but if you have sensitive skin or haven’t used a product like this before – it would be best to use every other day as they recommend until your skin becomes accustomed to it.

Final Thought: Buy it – You’ll love it!

*You can buy this product from the Dr. Gross website directly, which I have linked above.  It is available in 30 treatments ($88) and 60 treatments ($148).  I also found it available at Nordstrom.  What is nice about buying it from Nordstrom is that you can purchase if in a smaller pack to try for only $16 (5 treatments) to try it out before committing to 30 or 60 treatments.

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