Today was a pretty lazy morning.  I stayed in bed way too long, which I guess you have to do sometimes.  You know what they say, extra sleep is good for the soul.  Actually, no one says that. I just made it up to make myself feel better about being a complete lazy ass.  Anyway…..

I dragged my photographer, aka boyfriend out to go hit up a little boutique in town to shop.  I found some really great pieces that I can’t wait to style and feature soon!  After we I finished shopping I made him slip on some ice in a back alley to take some photos for this post.  Completely impromptu <—not at all, I totally had this planned from the minute we left the house.  “Oh! I know what we could do really quick.  Could you snap a few pictures of this outfit for my blog?”  We finished up the day with some really yummy lunch.  I think I managed to have a pretty productive day, even after I started out the day in hibernation mode.

Today I was wearing one of my favorite bomber jackets.  It has a great paisley print and muted colors that I love.  Bomber jackets are completely effortless.  I think that’s what I love about them, just throw it on and instantly your outfit looks pulled together.

jacket: G by Giuliana Rancic  jeans: Current Elliott- The Stiletto

handbag and necklace: Chanel

boots: h&m

I found some bomber jackets that I am absolutely head over heels for!  Click the link under the photo to be taken to the website where I found them.  Happy Shopping!!



Needle & Thread | Embroidered Crepe Bomber Jacket $500

Joie | Mace Bomber Jacket $428

Alice + Olivia | Lonnie Cropped Bomber Jacket $693

JOA | Tammy Satin Bomber Jacket $84

Chloe & Katie Print Bomber Jacket $49


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