I don’t know about you, but this has seemed like the craziest week!  Work was crazy busy and I have felt just completely run down.  I think I am just ready for spring to arrive. I would also like to stop having to wear 35 layers of clothing out of the house each morning as I head out into the tundra.  Okay – it’s really not that bad.  I like to over exaggerate weather sometimes all the time.  I live in Michigan and we have had it pretty easy this winter actually.

So, why you’re really here, the other day I was cleaning/organizing my closet and started to think about what items are “closet staples”.  You know, those classic pieces that never go out of style.  I got thinking to myself, how great would it be to feature these pieces individually on my blog and showcase pieces that I love or suggest?  I will be doing just that!  The first Closet Staple I am going to highlight is the white button down. If you don’t have a crisp, clean, white button down in your closet – I seriously don’t know how that is even possible, but don’t despair! I’ll help you find one!  The white button down is so versatile.  Of course it is a classic piece for work, but I love using it for that ultra preppy look.  The clean white shirt, the perfect pair of jeans, and my favorite sweater or blazer draped over my shoulders.  So classic.  So good.

I have curated some great choices for you to either introduce this staple into your wardrobe or freshen up that closet with a fresh new piece.

H&M – Long-sleeved Blouse $24.99

This is a great blouse and an even better price point.  This blouse has very clean, straight lines.  I love the addition of the placket to cover the buttons.  It takes this inexpensive top and instantly makes it look chic.

BP. – $45

I absolutely love the BP. brand at Nordstrom.  I might be a little biased since I worked there many moons ago.  This option is also a very reasonable price point.  I love the front pocket detail on this blouse.  It adds character to the otherwise simple top.

Rails – $148

I am so head over heels for this variation.  Rails is one of my go to brands for tops.  The cut is always fabulous and the fabric is soft to the touch.  I love the damask stripe fabric chosen for this blouse.  I think I might even make the blouse an addition to my closet.  This is a great option for you ladies that just can’t do a plain white button down because it is just to basic – you know who you are.

T by Alexander Wang – $275

What is great about this option is that it is a bodysuit.  There is nothing more frustrating then fighting to keep your shirt tucked in and looking perfect all day long.  It is brilliant to take a classic button down and make it a bodysuit – seriously, kudos Mr. Wang.  You will no doubt be looking polished and pulled together in this blouse.

Armani Collezioni – $745

This final option is definitely a high price point.  I understand that most people would never think about purchasing a plain white blouse that costs this much.  There are people that would.  I support that in this case.  I think a splurge is warranted when buying a Closet Staple.  They are classic, timeless pieces that you will always need and will never go out of style.  I can honestly feel how soft this blouse is just by the photograph.  The hidden buttons also make this blouse look that much more luxurious.

I hope you enjoyed my first post in what will be a series of blogs dedicated to the Closet Staple.  Until next time.



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