I think this warm spell we are having here in Michigan has truly given me spring fever. Scratch that, more like spring break fever!  We are heading to Florida in a few weeks and I need to get myself and my wardrobe ready.  I decided to forget about getting myself ready, aka: not work out and I started looking through the endless number of swimwear options online.  

Let me be honest with you, do I really need a new suit, no.  Okay – hell no.   I have way too many suits, some never worn, but here I am mentally buying and wearing all of the cute suits I see.   I have been a huge fan of the one piece over the past couple of years and that’s where I decided to focus.  So I kept scrolling and scrolling through the endless sea of one piece options on all of my favorite apps tonight.  I stopped and thought to myself, how annoying.  I don’t want to sit here all night and dig through all of these suits.  Who has time for this?  Not me.

I thought it would be a great for me to start making my “Hot List”, some of my favorite picks to help keep me focused and organized during my search.  Then I thought, let me share this with my readers.  They might be feeling the same way I am if they are looking for new swimwear.  So without further ado, let me share with you my, Hot List: One-Piece Swimsuits

Moschino – Sunglasses Printed Swimsuit ($275)

Flagpole – Lynn One-Piece ($375)

Bruna Malucelli – Flamingo One-Piece ($249)

Mara Hoffman – Plaid One-Piece ($225)

Milly – Resting Beach Face One-Piece ($185)

Jonathan Simkhai – Halter One-Piece ($365)



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