It’s March 1st and that is officially spring enough for me.  Although, the weather gods here in Michigan think differently.  We were teased with unseasonably warm weather for a good two weeks and now it is back to cold, damp, rainy (snowy) weather.  Good thing I have magazines, catalogs, and emails coming at me daily featuring all of the best spring must-haves!  What are we going to talk about tonight on the Hot List?  Well, my title might have given it away….the slide! (major swoon)

I love that the slide is back in a major way.  It has officially made a very chic comeback.  I remember in my high school days needing this pair of adidas slides.  You know the kind that swimmers/divers wear?  I was neither.  OMG!  MOM!!!!!  I need these!!!  Talk about having an athleisure moment.  Okay, I don’t even know if you can call it that.  These things were not fashionable.  Totally.  Not. Cute.  I loved them nonetheless.  They were comfortable as hell and made my feet happy by not having a piece of rubber wedged between my toes by wearing flip flops.

Good news for us that the slide is back on the it list for spring 2017 and better than ever.  I’m sure you have seen them popping up all over your feeds, online, and walking past you.  This shoe is fantastic as an alternative for the flip flop, or any sandal really.  Don’t get me wrong I love a good flop, but let’s be honest sometimes they can really take away from your look and can be, shall I say, not chic.  The slide can definitely take your shoe game to another level.  What I love is that there are so many fun and whimsical choices.  So many that I am sure that you will end up with more than one pair in a virtual cart by the time you finish reading this post.  So, what are we waiting for?  Let me show you the slides I am dying over right now!

1. KENDALL + KYLIE -Shiloh Chain Link ($124.95)  2. Ted Baker – Armeana ($94.95)              3. Steve Madden – Patches ($49.95)  4.  Fendi – Flowerland ($700)  5.  No. 21 – Knotted Satin ($600)  6.  Alice + Olivia – Ramona Stones ($275)

p.s. 5 comes in a totally darling blue and white striped version too!!!

Cute, right? Totally chic, right?  Right.  This is one trend I grant you permission to jump on.  The great thing is they are available at all price points like I’ve shown you here and anyone can pull off a slide, unlike other trends that pop up.  Get shopping Bombshells!







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