How about this week?  My thoughts on it: ugh! menh! ahhhh!  I think I have said those three words about a million times this week.  Work has been super busy and really cutting into my blogging time! Hopefully, no head honchos from work read my blog.  Hi! If you do!  The boyfriend and I are getting ready to go to Florida in a little over a week, we are dog sitting our niece, and I have been suffering from some serious writer’s block – all these things combined with work have really been taking a toll.  Although, today I woke up with a clear mind and suddenly on my drive to work the ideas just started flowing and my writer’s block seemed to disappear in an instant.  Good thing for you, because it was about my second Closet Staple: The Jean. 

Truth be told, I never wore jeans until high school.  I seriously don’t know how that is even possible.  I think I was just too much of a fan of leggings and stirrup pants <–Remember those?  I’m pretty sure zara had a moment last year and tried to make them happen again. Although, I am not seeing them on everyone and their sister, so I am not sure that it worked.  Totally off topic there, back to where we left off – jeans!

I did my research and found that the jean has been around for almost 145 years!  The jean has come a long way since it’s days on the working man to now be on runways and in practically every design house collection.  What is great about this Closet Staple is that over time there have been so many variations.  So many that you can find the perfect pair to fit your esthetic.  There are four types of jeans that are forever in my closet and I feel are great pieces for you to add or update yours with.  So, let’s get started!

The Skinny – Love, love, love, LOVE!  The skinny jean.  I think we all thought this would be one version of denim that wouldn’t stick around long.  It is safe to say it has and will.  My favorite type of skinny jean is high-waisted.  Helloooo, long legs for days illusion!!!  This is probably one of my favorite styling tricks that fools the eye.  I’m not that tall of a bombshell, 5’6″ to be exact.  Give me a skinny leg jean with an ultra high waist and I have just made myself appear long and lean.  Trust me, it works.  I’ve been using this trick for years.

From left to right: Rag & Bone($198), AG($168), AEO($49.95)  *p.s. surprisingly, I swear by the last brand for skinnies – I know, shocked me too!

The Boyfriend – You can’t go wrong with this style.  The boyfriend jean is a relaxed fit.  Totally modeled after that lived in, worn in, comfortable pair of jeans that you want to steal from your man, but actually fits a woman.  I actually used to take my brother’s jeans when I was younger to create this exact look.  They were slouchy, completely broken in, and fabulous.  He probably wonders where all of his jeans went – whoops!  I love this style of jean with a comfy oversized sweatshirt or sweater and even paired with a graphic tee, blazer, and heels.  It’s such a versatile jean.

From left to right: PRPS Goods & Co($251), Citizens of Humanity($218), R13($395)

The Distressed – Nothing has made me more happy then the come back of the distressed jean.  It is every bit of my late 90’s denim dream.  This style is everywhere you look lately.  Sure, you can wear your favorite pair of jeans for years until they become that perfect amount of distressed, but why bother when you can buy them ready to go!  The distressed look has really been taken to new levels.  So much so that entire patches are missing.  That is what is so great about it, you can have as little or as much distressing(new word) as you like.  I totally love it!  Such a fun and chic way to wear denim.

From left to right: BLANKNYC($88), rag & bone($225), Forever 21($29.90)

The Black Jean –  There are many of us that can’t get enough black.  Black is the new black type of girls.  I am one of those.  I absolutely love a perfectly blacker than black pair.  I wear my black denim with just about anything.  It looks perfect with a sweater and booties.  How about with a graphic tee and moto jacket?  Love.  I wear black jeans to work every week – shhh, don’t tell anyone – that’s how easy it is to transform them from casual to business.  I like to pair them with a great blouse, throw on some heels and I’ve fooled everyone at work.

From left to right: PAIGE($219), Topshop($65), J Brand($248)

I hope you enjoyed the second installment of this series.  Please let me know if you have any Closet Staples that you would like me to feature next or if you have any questions!



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