I am getting so excited to go on my vacation!  I think you all know that by now since I have been talking about it and posting pictures of my vacation clothing purchases nonstop.  The boyfriend and I leave this Saturday for a week of fun, sun, and beach.  I seriously cannot wait!!!  We are headed to Florida where we usually vacation once a year.  The only worry I have right now is I hope I can fit all of my outfit choices in one suitcase (gotta have options) – that is always the struggle.  Picture me standing in front of the check in counter with my suitcase wide open pulling out shoes, clothes, hairdryer, makeup bag, etc. and stuffing them all into his golf club bag to meet the weight requirement.  I can see it now!

Today I thought it would be fun to do a new post about “What’s In Her Bag?”.  I did a previous blog with this title back in January and had a lot of fun with it.  Today, I chose to branch off of that previous post with my “Carry On Edition”.  I personally like to take a smaller carry on that I can place under the seat in front of me.  That way I have easy access to it throughout the flight.  Plus, it’s not a pain carrying through the airport, especially if you have a flight change or two.  I pack a few things that might surprise you in my carry on!  So, let’s get started with my must-haves and why I choose to pack them.

one: magazines/books

This one is not that surprising.  I am sure most of you bring your favorite magazines and a book (or e-reader) on the plane.  I like to bring variety with me, even on short flights.  Our flight will be a little over two hours, but I have packed in three magazines and the book that I am eager to start.  The first magazine will be skimmed through even before we take off – that I’m sure of!  So, I am positive I will have to buy a couple more when I get to the airport.  Plus, you definitely need these if you’re going on a beach vacation!  You have to have your reading material during your vacation bronzing.

two: reservation/itinerary print-outs

Okay – I know what you are thinking, is this 1992?  Uh, Amanda, I have my phone with all of my apps, emails, rez numbers.  I definitely do not need this.  Hear me out.  I like to take a small plastic envelope (I find them at Rite Aid, CVS, etc.) and place all of our flight information, hotel reservation confirmations, and any actual tickets needed for events inside.  This really comes in handy.  Not only do you have everything in one spot that you can easily access, but what if you lose your phone?  Trust me on this.

three: snacks

If you’re like me, you are always hungry!  Never a bad idea to put a couple snacks in your bag.  I always pick out the junkiest food to include, but – Hey! I’m on vacation.  It’s allowed.

four: travel blanket/blanket scarf/sweater

So, after I have settled into my seat on the plane, pulled out my reading material, and snuck some of my snacks, what happens next?  I’m cold.  Freezing actually.  I am always the temperature of a freezer, so bringing something to keep me warm is always necessary.  I bought a small blanket at the airport during our last vacation and it was really the perfect size.

five: jewelry

It is an unfortunate circumstance that there are times when items go missing from your luggage.  This could happen at the airport or even in your hotel room.  My tip is to always carry any fine jewelry you are taking on vacation in your carry on.  I use a small travel jewelry case to hold all of the pieces I am taking with me.  Another tip is, if at all possible keep the expensive jewelry at home.  I would be so devastated if I lost a meaningful or expensive piece of jewelry on vacation.  If you are second guessing yourself if it should stay home, keep it at home.

six: hat

Always a good idea to throw a great hat into your bag.  What if that pushy rental car guy talks you into the convertible upgrade?  “Miss Amanda, it will only be an extra $100 on your bill.  Don’t you want to drive around in style?”  If you take the bait like I do, you’ll be glad you have your hat to put the top down and cruise to your final destination.  Also, if your hair is looking subpar from a day of travel, it is a cute way to cover up that mess and go incognito to the hotel.

seven: face wipes

I love to put a travel size pack of face wipes in my bag.  These are so handy after a day of travel to sneak into the bathroom and wash all of the day’s dirt and airplane grime off your face.  It feels so refreshing to be able start your vacation with a clean face right from the airport.

eight: makeup essentials

Naturally this will be needed after you have had a chance to freshen up with number seven.  I pack a really small makeup bag with the essentials: powder compact, mascara, and lip gloss.  That’s it for me, you could bring as little or as much as you feel you need.

nine: undies

I know what you’re thinking, what the hell does she pack undies in her carry on for?  Well, have you ever been the unfortunate person that’s bag has been lost?  Have you ever been stranded in the airport?  Always be prepared ladies, ALWAYS.  Hopefully, you will never need them, but you have them just in case.

ten: bathing suit

This is a must have in my carry on for tropical vacations.  You get to your hotel and you can’t check in.  Now what can you do?  Instead of having to tear through your suitcase in the lobby, you have your bathing suit handy.  While the front desk is holding onto your luggage, you can slip down to the pool and have a drink in hand in no time!  Genius, I know – thank me later.

Are you ready to go on vacation now?  I know I am!!!!  I cannot wait to share my vacation and vacation style with all of you.





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