Spring is definitely in the air!  Finally!  Am I right?!?!  Even though we had a pretty mild winter here in Michigan.  It did however feel like the sun hadn’t come out for about four months straight.  As most of you know, I recently had a trip to Florida.  It helped me jumpstart the transition into my spring wardrobe – that’s for sure!!!

I have also been working on cleaning out my closet and wardrobe over the past few weeks to help with the spring switch over.  This is something I like to do every season.  Take seasonal items out – get them cleaned and moved out of the way.  I also take this time to get rid of the things I haven’t worn in like a century.  You know, try to finally retire those pieces that you hang onto that never seem to make it into rotation.  I think it gets harder each time I try to complete this process.  “I should get rid of this leopard print Jean Paul Gaultier top.”  “No.” “I think that would look really cute with a black cardi or under a jean jacket for work.”  So back in the closet it goes.  This top in particular has been worn once.  Eight years ago.  Now it is on its way to becoming vintage and I can’t get rid of it.  Clearly.

One trend that I am loving and trying to make room for this spring is embellished denim.  Whether it be patches or embroidery, this has me with little heart eyes every time I see it.  I think it is because it takes me back to my high school days when I would take embroidery thread and carefully sew the hem of my jeans with bright colors.  Trust me this was very chic, even for a 15 year old.  I guess I was way ahead of this trend.

If you want to be an “it” girl this spring you need to work embellished denim into your wardrobe.  So, let’s dig into the Hot List for my favorites that I have found.  Just click above the picture, it will give you a direct link for easy shopping!!

Alice + Olivia – Chloe Embellished Denim Jacket ($795)

Saint Laurent – Love Patch Denim Jacket ($3450)

Marc Jacobs – Embellished Denim Jacket ($895)

BLANKNYC – Embroidered Denim Jacket ($148)

Sunset & Spring – Cropped Embroidered Denim Jacket ($128)

Joie – Runa Embroidered Denim Jacket ($238)

Anine Bing – Embroidered Jean ($249)

Paige – Jacqueline Patch High-Rise Straight Leg Jeans ($299)

Stella McCartney – Mini Falabella Embroidered Denim Crossbody Bag – ($1070)

Rebecca Minkoff – Leo Appliques Denim Clutch ($95)

I hope you found something that you loved on my Hot List: Embroidered Denim.  Or it at least got you excited about this fun spring trend.  Another great idea is if you are really into DIY and creative, try searching “patches” on Etsy.  It will bring up thousands (443,724 to be exact) to buy.  Order a few and create your own one of kind piece!!



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