Like with every weekend, I take some time out to think about new topics for the blog and ideas that I want to introduce.  Since I started My Secret Life I have been trying to keep things fresh and creative.  I want to stay true to my style of writing and feel I have done a good job with being somewhat unique with my approach to my posts.  I have really liked creating posts that are in the style of a series.  I like that it allows me to have a few different topics going on at once and hopefully, keep all of you interested in what I have to say.  During my brainstorming session the other day I came up with the “ABCs of Fashion”.  I am literally (I literally say this word too much) excited about this new series.

So, now you’re thinking, ‘What are the ABCs of Fashion’?  Eeeek!!  So excited, about this, okay – what I am going to bring to you during this series are my favorite brands, products, trends, styles, etc. from A to Z.  As you can guess, we are starting with “A” for my first post and we are going to work ourselves to Z.

Without further ado, A in my world is for: adidas.

My earliest memories of the adidas brand were from Run DMC.  I was just a small town girl (living in a lonely worlddddd-sing this) and their style was something I had never seen before.  Adidas track suits and shoes with no laces, big chains, fedora hats…wow!  How f*#king cool.  I was mesmerized.  Please lord, let me be that cool!!  I wasn’t, but I had my own adidas shoes (Mom wouldn’t let me go without laces).  I had my track pants.  They were green by the way.  Totally pissed I got rid of those.  Seriously, so pissed.  I was the epitome of street style.  Again, I wasn’t, but it was my introduction to a brand that has continued to influence my style and people all over the world.

Today, there is still a lot of love for adidas.  The athleisure kick didn’t hurt the brand that’s for sure.  I can say with 100% certainty (I’m a gambling woman) that in your feed today there were a handful of posts that had some piece of adidas.  It is everywhere.  Did you happen to see the new Elle UK magazine for May 2017?  My girl Posh is rocking the classic track pant and adidas shoes.  I really love how they styled the look with a chic white button down taking a nod from her Fashion Week look earlier this year.  Such a great twist.

Let’s recreate her look!  Any white button down will do, but I found one that is great from Acne Studios($320).  I really love the over-exaggerated sleeve.  Of course you need an adidas track pant.  This is where you can make the look your own by picking a different color.  My hint: try the adidas outlet in your neck of the woods.  They always seem to have great track pants from my experience.  Finish of the look with the adidas Superstar ($80).  I think I will be recreating this look myself very soon!

How about Kim Kardashian?  Either love or hate her, she does have a huge influence on style, brands, and trends.  One of my favorite looks that she created late last year was pairing the bodysuit/lingerie piece with track pants and heels.  Seriously, loved and still love this.

Let’s try to recreate Kim’s Bombshell look.  Like with Victoria’s look, you can choose any adidas track pant as your foundation.  With Kim’s outfit, these are more of a men’s style track pant – so you might want to try searching there first.  I found a more modest bodysuit from Calvin Klein ($68).  If you’re a more daring  Bombshell, play that up!!!  A simple black heel from Steve Madden ($80).  This shoe is a great addition to your closet even if you are not creating this look – very classic.  The black lace choker is from Ettika ($60).  I have this very choker and love, love, love it!!  Finish off the look with large open weave fishnets ($8).  Perfect recreation!!

If you are not interested in recreating one of the looks above, have a look at some of these pieces I have selected.  These are the pieces that I am head over heels for from adidas right now.  You can follow the link above the picture to check them out in more detail.  You know I couldn’t help myself with this blush pink bomber below. 👇🏼

Info Poster Firebird Track Jacket ($85)
3-Strips Dress ($60)

Crop Hoodie ($60)

3-Stripes Tee ($30)

Cigarette Pants ($65)

We also can’t forget the fabulous collaboration with Stella McCartney.  Always really cute pieces to add to your activewear collection, or in my case couchwear.  Here is the link to stay up to date about adidas + Kanye West collab as well!!

This has been a really fun series for me to start.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Stay tuned because we have 25 more letters to go!!  Until next time Bombshells.



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