Saturday for me usually involve the three S’s.  Sleeping in, shopping, and eating all the snacks. Oh wait! Actually, four – naps don’t start with S, but snoozing does 😉 Today has been no different. Especially because the day started by raining. When it’s raining out I like to wear my comfy clothes around the house, pretty much like any other day actually.  But, this also keeps me prepared to take a nap at any moment.

Since it’s a little cool today with the rain, I threw on one of my ultra cozy thermal tees. These aren’t just for under your snow gear in the winter time babes. They are great because they keep you just warm enough without the extra bulk. My thermal is a super cute baseball style from Wildfox. Sad thing is it’s from a couple years ago, but don’t worry!! I found you a handful of thermal options to add to your wardrobe.

1 Cotton Citizen – Monaco Crop Long Sleeve ($125)

2 Free People – Malibu Thermal ($68)

3 Feel The Piece – Robin Scoop Neck Tee ($123) also comes in white here 

4 Monrow – Long Sleeve Thermal ($65)



Amanda 💋


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