Good evening, Bombshells! I hope everyone had a nice relaxing weekend.  I’m a lucky one and have to work tomorrow (that’s serious sarcasm). I don’t know what I was thinking not taking the day off for an extra long holiday weekend. Oh well!  It should be a pretty easy, quiet day.

If you follow my Instagram (if not – shame on you! Go do that!) you would know that yesterday I had zero productivity going on! The day consisted of wearing new pajamas, nail painting, crying for the 1,000 time at The Notebook (It’s you…’s always been you!! 😭😭😭), and trying out a new face mask. Which, I’m going to give you my review about now! 

I’m a sucker for buying face masks every time I’m at Ulta. Seriously, every. damn. time. I picked up this ‘miss spa‘ mask a few months ago and finally put it to use. This mask is the Oxygenating Bubble Mask ($7).  It literally does just that.

When I opened it up I was a little surprised and confused, where are the bubbles? Clearly this is the wrong mask.  Since I had already opened it – I went with it.  The mask when applying out of the package is a gel, picture Dial hand soap, like exactly like that.  I applied a thin layer all over my clean, dry face. As I was applying the mask it started to change and became an opaque white color and the consistency started to feel foamy and well, bubbly.

I then had to find something to do for 15 minutes.  So, I searched for face mask spatulas after bitching to The Boyfriend for about 10 of the 15 minutes about how messy face masks are to apply.  Needless to say I was pretty much bitching to myself because he was playing video games (insert dramatic eye roll 🙄) and not listening to me! Don’t worry though, you won’t have to bitch to your boyfriend, husband, or yourself – I’ve linked the exact spatula I have coming my way! 👇🏼

Face Mask Spatula ($5.99) from H&M

 After I successfully placed my order, I realized that the mask felt much different on my skin. So of course I lean within an inch of The Boyfriend’s face and ask, “Does it look foamy?” To which he replied, “Yeah, like your whole face looks weird.” Gee, thanks.  Don’t worry ladies it just looks like foamy soap.

Fifteen minutes was up! Time to see the transformation.  What was nice is that the foam mask was easy to wash off.  I think that’s what I always dread with trying to clean most masks off.  Once the foam was washed off, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my pores looked smaller and my skin did feel very smooth and soft.  I liked this face mask because it was light and didn’t make my face feel constricted while I had it on.  It also was cool while on my skin.  I will definitely purchase this mask again and recommend it to all of you.  What is your favorite face mask to use?  Let me know in the comments below!


Amanda 💋

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