So I took a few days off this week for a mini vacation. More like for my mental health! Does anyone else do that? Take vacation days to just, well, do nothing. No plans, no schedule, no pants. That’s right! If you’re like me on days you get to do absolutely nothing you sit lay around all day in your jammies or comfies.  
My favorite combo is a big old t-shirt (I usually steal one from The Boyfriend) and comfy socks. I have a drawer of socks that are completely devoted for when I’m doing nothing. 😉 That’s why I was so excited to find Chrissy’s Socks! So many fun and fabulous knee high socks, to add to my collection. I seriously didn’t know how to choose which ones I couldn’t live without! I thought about ordering one of each – but even I need to show a little self control once in awhile.

You see, Chrissy’s has over 600 socks on their site. You read that right, over 600 styles!!!! Knee highs and footies and boot socks – oh my!! They’re styles are available for women, men, and kids. They’re also made in the USA, right here in my state of Michigan!! Always proud to support local and American based companies.

One of my favorite things about Chrissy’s that is truly fabulous is that you can even customize socks! I thought this was such a great idea for gifts or even bachelorette parties. Their custom socks start at only $6.99 a pair and take about 1-2 weeks. I also love that they have a section devoted totally to holiday themed socks – right up my alley – I’m always themed out for holidays. I absolutely love being able to have fun with my socks, even if other people can or can’t see them!

Check out these cute styles I just scooped up👇🏼

Clockwise from the top: 1: Pastel Striped Thigh High Socks ($9.99) 2: Gray/Pink Argyle Socks ($8.99) 3: White/Dandelion Tube Socks ($7.99) 4: Pencil Socks ($8.99)

I’ve got my eyes on Chrissy’s Boot Socks to wear this fall with my ankle and knee high boots. I’ll keep you posted 😉


Amanda 💋

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