It never fails about this time of the year I really get the itch for fall.  You see I’m lucky enough to live in a state where we experience all four seasons, but hands down fall is my favorite.  Give me all the boots, lightweight sweaters, pumpkin spice, and cider mill donuts – all of them!! Especially the donuts. Especially. The. Donuts. 

If there’s anything that I love in my wardrobe year after year, it’s the classic, basic black turtleneck.  Such a closet staple.  There’s something that I find so timeless about it.  It can be dressed up with a black tulle skirt, statement belt, and heels.  Or it can be casual with a blanket scarf, your favorite pair of jeans, and over the knee boots.

Chic. Very Chic.

I took a trip over to H&M to take a look around this past weekend.  Such a great store to find wallet friendly pieces to add to your closet.  I personally love this store for two main reasons: trendy tops and the basics (tanks, tees, leggings, and turtlenecks) at very reasonable prices.

Now, I’m not usually the girl you find digging thru racks of sale items jammed so tightly you can barely see what you’re looking at.  Good luck ripping that item you’re trying to get a better look at off of the rack because the hangers are all tangled. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Drives me nutzos.  Seriously bonkers.  So, I usually avoid.  I’m so glad I was drawn to this sale rack this particular day.  I found THE best ribbed, blackest of black turtleneck for $3.  $3!!!! So basic. So needed. So sold.

What is a total bummer is that I’m not able to find you Bombshells the exact turtleneck on their site.  If you have one close to where you live, definitely stop in and take a look for it.  Well worth the trip.  I have however found you some very fabulous alternatives to add to your wardrobe and keep it basic.  Check them out 👇🏼 (click on the links to visit the sites)

Left to right:

1:Vince – Turtleneck ($135) 2: Velvet – Talisia Whisper Classic Turtleneck ($70) 3: Three Dots – Long Sleeve Turtleneck ($66)

Theory – Velvet Turtleneck Bodysuit ($225) 👇🏼 p.s. I’m so in love with this, a fun spin on the standard…major heart eyes!

Left to right:

1: gap – Merino Wool Turtleneck ($60) 2: Splendid – Fitted Turtleneck ($58) 3: Forever 21 – Ribbed Turtelneck Top ($8)


Amanda 💋

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