Happy Tuesday, Bombshells!!!  We are slowly creeping through the week…slowly.  Today is the beginning of a new month and I am really excited about some changes I plan on doing with my blog posts, as well as with my Instagram.  I’ve developed and grown with this blog over the past seven months and want I want to change things as I change. 

One new idea I had was to start doing quick blog posts that correlate with my Instagram photos.  These posts will give you a direct link to what I’m wearing or showing all of you.  Great idea? I thought so 😉 If I can’t give you the exact item, I will make sure to link same/similar products for you to shop!

Today and yesterday I have shown you a terrific pair of blush ballet flats from H&M.  These little gems were only $12.99 and come in a variety of colors.  The color I found in store is a very light blush color.  Which of course I cannot find on their website.  However, I did link you three great options below that I really love.  I’m partial to the blush – naturally, but they have this style in red, silver, gold, etc.  Have a peek for yourself.

(Click on the color to be taken directly to the site)

Light Pink Suede ($12.99)


Velvet Vintage Pink ($7.99 sale price)


Suede Black ($12.99)

Happy Shopping 💋



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