I’m so glad that this week is flying by! It is already Wednesday and I am out of work at noon on Friday!! Bring on the weekend. I want to work on some of my projects I have going on around the house. Last weekend, I picked up a new bathroom mirror and light fixture. I put those up with success, okay I may have had some help from The Boyfriend, but it was minimal. Very minimal. They look fantastic and really updated the space. I have some ideas to finish off the kitchen and dining room areas, so I will hopefully be working on that this weekend. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏼If it is nice out, those projects just might have to wait. 

I have been on a major shoe shopping frenzy lately. Shoes have always been a weakness of mine. Like, serious weakness. Give me all the shoes – sandals, slides, booties, OTK boots, heels, flops. You name it, I need it. You see I love shoes so much, when I moved across the country, my shoes came in my car with me. I couldn’t bear to put them on the moving truck and have the possibility of them being lost forever! Crazy? Yes. Well, worth it? Also, yes.

The great thing about my most recent shoe purchases is the fact that the price points have been amazing. I’m talking $25 and under!!! Now, don’t get me wrong I love my designer shoes. But, for the trendy shoes that might only last a season – I prefer to spend less, because well, you just don’t know how long the trend will last. If you read my last post, I decided that I would start to write quick blog posts featuring some of my favorite items that I feature on Instagram.  Yesterday and today, I have posted an adorable pair of blush mules that I found from Forever 21 that were $10. You read that correctly. $10!!! I searched their site and linked you those exact mules, as well as a handful of some other super cute shoes that are all under $25. Take a look 👇🏼

Faux Suede Slip-On Mules ($10) p.s. also available in black

Frayed Denim Slide Sandals ($17.90)

Faux Suede Pointed Flats ($19.90)

Faux Leather Loafer Slides ($24.90)

Velvet Ankle Strap Heels ($19.60) I’m having a major velvet crush lately.  Major.

Happy shopping!

Amanda 💋

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