This is the hardest part, right?  Trying to think about who you are… you need to be clever, funny, sarcastic – really capture your audience.

Honestly, I’m just a girl who has somehow ended up in her late thirties, back in the town she grew up in.  After living away for 18+ years, including five years in Sin City, life sure has changed.  I have had a lot of life experiences, some great and some bad. This sounds like the start of a sad Lifetime movie!

No really though, I’m addicted to clothes, shoes, and beauty products – I feel like a twelve step program is on the horizon.  Fashion is really my passion and something that has always been a part of who I am.  I can’t wait to share with you all of my favorite things, fashion short-cuts, and beauty must-haves!

I have a fabulous Pomeranian, Ginger. She truly is woman’s best friend.  I have also been a dog Mom to Marley and Mayble (their names sound like a folk band duo).  They both came with my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years – Gavin.  Yes, you read that right – boyfriend. of. four. and. a. half. years.  Gasp!  When are you getting married? Where’s the ring?  Good question!! I’m kidding, kind of.

I also love to cook!  It’s easy to do when your boyfriend that has a bottomless pit for a stomach (but never gains weight) to be your taste tester.  He let’s me try out recipes on him and either I do a pretty good job, or this man needs to win an Academy Award.  We live in his bachelor pad that I’m slowly turning from frat house to fabulous.

Well, that’s enough about me.  I’d have you here all day reading endless facts about my life if you’d let me.  Now that we know each other I  hope you enjoy following me on this thing we call life. I can’t wait to share my style, ideas, recipes, and life tricks.

Drop me a line and feel free to give me ideas to chat about!!