Saturday Shopping 

Saturday for me usually involve the three S’s.  Sleeping in, shopping, and eating all the snacks. Oh wait! Actually, four – naps don’t start with S, but snoozing does 😉 Today has been no different. Especially because the day started by raining. When it’s raining out I like to wear my comfy clothes around the house, pretty much like any other day actually.  But, this also keeps me prepared to take a nap at any moment.

Since it’s a little cool today with the rain, I threw on one of my ultra cozy thermal tees. These aren’t just for under your snow gear in the winter time babes. They are great because they keep you just warm enough without the extra bulk. My thermal is a super cute baseball style from Wildfox. Sad thing is it’s from a couple years ago, but don’t worry!! I found you a handful of thermal options to add to your wardrobe.

1 Cotton Citizen – Monaco Crop Long Sleeve ($125)

2 Free People – Malibu Thermal ($68)

3 Feel The Piece – Robin Scoop Neck Tee ($123) also comes in white here 

4 Monrow – Long Sleeve Thermal ($65)



Amanda 💋



What Is This Bombshell Making?

Since I started this blog in January, I have tried a lot of new ideas for posts.  I really like trying new things to keep my content fresh and exciting.  I seriously don’t want to bore you, or me for that matter!  I have started a handful of categories that I plan on continuing and developing as time goes on.  This blog truly is a work in progress and I have enjoyed (and hope you have) creating a place to share my ideas/thoughts on fashion and beauty, products I love, and even throwing in some crazy/random stories.  Continue reading “What Is This Bombshell Making?”


Hot List: Rainy Day Essentials

I woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday to what I believe was our first thunderstorm this spring (I could be wrong I’m most likely wrong).  I love a good thunderstorm at night.  We have a large window in our bedroom that let’s us watch the storms from bed.  There is something that is so relaxing about this to me.  The sound of rain and thunder, it’s like a real life sleep machine.  Meanwhile, patio chairs are sliding off the deck, branches are hitting the house, and the neighborhood cat is flying by the window.  Kidding – that didn’t happen. This time.  Continue reading “Hot List: Rainy Day Essentials”


Hot List: Prints

This morning I had to make a trip into the next town over to pick up a package at the post office. This happens all the time when I order things off etsy and don’t realize it’s from places like Bulgaria. Whoops! So, off I go to pick up this t-shirt I have to sign for. This was good for the boyfriend because he wants a sausage mcmuffin from McDonald’s, make that two, oh and a sprite!(eye roll 🙄) Bad for me because it’s Walleye Festival. Don’t even ask me about this weird concept of a festival that mixes fishing, garage sales, and beer tents. So strange.  Like, I’m serious, who thinks of this shit?  This is what happens when you move back to a small town! Continue reading “Hot List: Prints”


The Powder Room: Drugstore Hidden Gems

I seriously cannot believe that it is already the end of April!!!  How did that happen?  I was just talking with a co-worker this week about how it felt like it was just Christmas time.  In a flash, here we are mid-spring!  I think I have just about finished all of my spring cleaning and closet clean outs which is a relief.  I don’t know how we accumulate so much junk over the year.  Honestly, I think the boyfriend and I are hoarders.  Just not on a the scary level – you can walk through our house and open our garage door.  For real though, we both hold onto things that we don’t use.  My secret thing to do (we’ll see if he really reads my blog) is get rid of things I know he doesn’t need or use when he isn’t home.  I just add them to the trash or donation bag with my things.  Whoops!

Continue reading “The Powder Room: Drugstore Hidden Gems”


ABCs of Fashion: A

Like with every weekend, I take some time out to think about new topics for the blog and ideas that I want to introduce.  Since I started My Secret Life I have been trying to keep things fresh and creative.  I want to stay true to my style of writing and feel I have done a good job with being somewhat unique with my approach to my posts.  I have really liked creating posts that are in the style of a series.  I like that it allows me to have a few different topics going on at once and hopefully, keep all of you interested in what I have to say.  During my brainstorming session the other day I came up with the “ABCs of Fashion”.  I am literally (I literally say this word too much) excited about this new series.

Continue reading “ABCs of Fashion: A”


The Powder Room: Bombshell Worthy Hair Products

I can’t believe that it is already Wednesday.  Although, I’m totally fine with that.  I need the weekend to recharge!  It felt like last weekend flew by and I didn’t really get a chance to rest.  That will not be the case this weekend – I will be living in my comfies (that’s what I call my jammies) for a full two days!!!  I won’t have to worry about achieving this goal either, the boyfriend will be too busy watching The Masters.  All. Weekend. Long.

What I have really loved about creating my blog is the freedom to do whatever the hell I want to do.  That is a real stretch from my Monday through Friday, eight to five routine.  Don’t even get me started on that.  I think that is why I love blogging so much, I can finally let my creative side out.  It has been so nice to try things out and if it doesn’t work – no worries, I’ll just try something new next time.

Continue reading “The Powder Room: Bombshell Worthy Hair Products”


Hot List: Embellished Denim

Spring is definitely in the air!  Finally!  Am I right?!?!  Even though we had a pretty mild winter here in Michigan.  It did however feel like the sun hadn’t come out for about four months straight.  As most of you know, I recently had a trip to Florida.  It helped me jumpstart the transition into my spring wardrobe – that’s for sure!!!

Continue reading “Hot List: Embellished Denim”


What’s In Her Bag? Carry On Edition

I am getting so excited to go on my vacation!  I think you all know that by now since I have been talking about it and posting pictures of my vacation clothing purchases nonstop.  The boyfriend and I leave this Saturday for a week of fun, sun, and beach.  I seriously cannot wait!!!  We are headed to Florida where we usually vacation once a year.  The only worry I have right now is I hope I can fit all of my outfit choices in one suitcase (gotta have options) – that is always the struggle.  Picture me standing in front of the check in counter with my suitcase wide open pulling out shoes, clothes, hairdryer, makeup bag, etc. and stuffing them all into his golf club bag to meet the weight requirement.  I can see it now! Continue reading “What’s In Her Bag? Carry On Edition”


Closet Staple: The Jean

How about this week?  My thoughts on it: ugh! menh! ahhhh!  I think I have said those three words about a million times this week.  Work has been super busy and really cutting into my blogging time! Hopefully, no head honchos from work read my blog.  Hi! If you do!  The boyfriend and I are getting ready to go to Florida in a little over a week, we are dog sitting our niece, and I have been suffering from some serious writer’s block – all these things combined with work have really been taking a toll.  Although, today I woke up with a clear mind and suddenly on my drive to work the ideas just started flowing and my writer’s block seemed to disappear in an instant.  Good thing for you, because it was about my second Closet Staple: The Jean.  Continue reading “Closet Staple: The Jean”


Hot List: Slide Into Spring

It’s March 1st and that is officially spring enough for me.  Although, the weather gods here in Michigan think differently.  We were teased with unseasonably warm weather for a good two weeks and now it is back to cold, damp, rainy (snowy) weather.  Good thing I have magazines, catalogs, and emails coming at me daily featuring all of the best spring must-haves!  What are we going to talk about tonight on the Hot List?  Well, my title might have given it away….the slide! (major swoon) Continue reading “Hot List: Slide Into Spring”


Bombshell’s Day Off

Everyone needs a day off from being glamorous and having it pulled together.  Everyone.  This Bombshell is no different.  Today I woke up and thought to myself -why not just stay in bed all day?  You’re already dressed for it and the bed is already warmed up.  Trust me, I laid there thinking about this for a good two hours.  It has been so cold and back to winter like conditions this weekend, so I wanted nothing more than to be lazy and stay in bed.   Continue reading “Bombshell’s Day Off”

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